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Angry Birds

Trading cards board game & stickers

Art Director:
Michał Rogoziński

Graphic Designers:
Jakub Kubara, Michał Rogoziński

CGI Designers:
Jakub Kubara, Jacek Sobczak

Web developer:

Justyna Urbaniak

DTP Operators:
Daga Skwarska, Krzysztof Sobczak

Tomasz Rogoziński

Kamil Karpiński, Przemysław Brodawski

Motion Designers:
Michał Misiura

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Our job was to create the brand and to design the whole collection of 194 gaming cards, 10 kinds of packages, stickers album with 184 stickers, posters, boards, website, and other ATL and BTL materials. Also, we were responsible for print supervision in many materials.
The main goal was to put the global brand in a brand new context. The target was children, so we put an accent on the colors and expression, both in print and UI.