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Biocidal product

Art dir & design:
Michał Rogoziński

CGI & motion:
Kuba Kubara

Sound mix & master:
Paweł Patyniak

Web dev:
Michał Koliński

EpidAIR - a professional surface and room disinfectant. It removes bacteria, viruses, and fungi by effectively disinfecting all surfaces. The fragrance compositions provide a sense of freshness of the disinfected rooms for a long time. EpidAIR is the first product on the market that allows effective disinfection of an apartment, hotel room, or workplace. Spray the agent evenly onto the surface to be disinfected. One container of EpidAIR suffices to disinfect over 500 square meters.

Braho designed the whole visual identity including packages, logo, e-commerce, and BTL materials. Also, we have created an explainer 3D animation showing up the product.